Ohio Technology Integration Opportunities

Ohio Technology Integration Opportunities
  • OTIO is designed as a clearinghouse for Technology Integration Training Opportunities across the state of Ohio.
  • Events on the calendar are color coded by the area of state they are taking place. State wide events are colored black.
  • OTIO invites any organization, involved in Technology Integration Training Opportunities to submit their information via the "Submit Event" button on this page.

Criteria for inclusion on the OTIO site include:

  • Sponsored by a K-12 School in Ohio
  • Sponsored by an Ohio Agency-- ESC, ITC, INFOhio, Educational Technology Agencies, etc.
  • Sponsored by a Higher Ed (.edu)
  • Open to enrollment for attendees that are not part of the sponsoring organization
  • It is OK to charge a fee for attendance, materials/supplies or college credit.
  • It is OK to have vendors as sponsors, but the session cannot be limited to vendor centric presentations
  • Re-occurring events, sessions, etc. are OK

Color Code by Region

To submit a Technology Integration Opportunity click submit button
To submit a Technology Integration Opportunity

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